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Restored Kitchen Cabinet

Here you can see the amazing work SERVPRO of Champaign/Urbana's production team did as they took a disastrous and rotten kitchen cabinet and turned it into a gorgeous and fresh cabinet your grandmother would be proud of. 

Check out the Before and After photos of this job site! 

Future So Bright... We Need Shades

Happy National Sunglasses Day from your friends at SERVPRO of Champaign/Urbana. A gift to our employees this summer season, Green SERVPRO sunglasses to sport while on our Job sites each day! Lookin' Good Everyone!

Disaster Turned to Beauty

We here at SERVPRO of Champaign/Urbana take pride in our work each and every day. Our restoration, mediation, and construction crews all work to make your disaster "Like it never even happened." 

After this House experienced water damage SERVPRO was called to the scene to restore it to new. This kitchen ceiling is beautiful now that you can no longer see through it. Along with fresh paint and other repairs, these homeowners are pleased to have a dry home. 

Call SERVPRO of Champaign/Urbana today for any water damages you may have experienced. Reach out to us at (217)355-0077, anytime day or night, we are always here to help. Before and After Photos.

Tree Root Destruction

This property was damaged from a storm.  Affecting a nearby tree, the roots jeopardized the water line. This disaster caused water damage to the basement, leaving the room filled with inches of water. This water damaged resulted in repairs from our Construction department. The bedroom (not pictured) was also vamped up and made “Like it never even happened. Call us today for all your water service needs. Reach us anytime day or night at (217)355-0077. SERVPRO of Champaign/Urbana is always here to help.

Below you can see the many things our construction team repaired and installed in this damaged property:

  • Can lights
  • Diffuser
  • Ceiling
  • Baser Trim
  • Flooring
  • Freshly painted walls.

Before and After Photos of the bedroom. Press the link to view! 

Outlet Store Flood

From flooded floors to functioning stores; When this Outlet Mall store had a pipe break resulting in major water damage, SERVPRO got the call. In a matter of a couple of hours, our production staff was able to be on site extracting standing water in the store. With our high-efficiency floor drying equipment combined with our truck mounted water extracting equipment we are able to handle any size water loss.

Call SERVPRO of Champaign/Urbana when you have a large water loss. We are always here to help, at (217)355-0077, with our 24 Hour emergency services. Our quick response time and our  fast and reliable work will leave your property "Like it never even happened." Let us help you in your time of need!

Before and After Photos

Not your normal water loss/reconstruction

This house was hit by a storm causing water damage in their theater room. This job like many other involved extraction of the water and the air movers and dehumidifiers set for drying however the tricky part was the reconstruction. As you can see the ceiling in these pics with the cloud detail. SERVPRO was able to reconstruct this room "Like it never even happened." including the beautiful cloud detail. 

SERVPRO of Champaign/Urbana can do more then just the extraction of the water or soot removal after a fire. We also do construction work, meaning we can handle a job from start to finish. Let us Help you in every aspect of your loss whether it's simply setting fans for minimal drying, to reconstructing damaged walls and painting beautiful detail on your them. Call us today at (217)355-0077, we are always here to help. Reach us anytime day or night, with our 24 hour services we can speak with you and be on the site immediately. 

Garage Door Trim Repair

SERVPRO was called to the scene of a home with Garage door damage. The homeowner had accidentally driven their vehicle into the Garage door damaging the trim. A SERVPRO personnel went to the scene and to take a look at the damage and access what to do next. After taking the damaged trim piece back to the SERVPRO warehouse for reconstruction, the new piece is ready for replacement. Using a metal brake we were able to restore the garage door trim "Like it never even happened." Call SERVPRO of Champaign/Urbana for any garage door damage; reach us at (217)355-0077.

We are open 25 hours a day 7 days a week. SERVPRO of Champaign/Urbana is always here to help you in your time of need. Anytime day or night, give us a call!

Bedroom Carpet Cleaning

If you have dirty carpet that needs a facelift without having to buy new, reach out to SERVPRO of Champaign/Urbana. This customer was very pleased with our work, expressing that we will be used for any further needs, along with referring us to all their friends. This one day job was done fast, precise, and with much care.

Who needs new carpet when you have SERVPRO. Let us clean your carpet after any spill, mess, or disaster. SERVPRO of Champaign/Urbana wants everyone to be thrilled with the results of our job just as this customer was. Call us at (217)355-0077 to schedule your appointment today!

Garage Door Collision Repair

Amazon delivery truck made contact with a homeowners garage door after thinking the vehicle was in reverse rather than drive. The owner wanted the garage secured before a storm that was predicted to come was going to hit the area. Our team came out to the property the same day and fixed the door leaving the customer happy with no further damage was done to the garage or house. 

Experience an accident on your property? Need help fixing it? Call SERVPRO of Champaign/Urbana anytime, day or night at (217)355-0077. We are always here to help. 

Office Water Loss

Having your office take on water from storm damage is never a predicted event. This can shut productivity down and bring your work day to a screeching halt. Luckily SERVPRO is only a call away.

This office called SERVPRO and we were able to begin the water removal process immediately. After the water was extracted the drying process began by setting fans dehumidifiers in the proper positions.

Call SERVPRO of Champaign/Urbana today at (217)355-0077. We are always here to help in your time of need, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week.

Check out the Before and After Photos

Animal Fallout Cleaning

Have animals taken over your attic? Do you need help cleaning up their mess? SERVPRO can do just that. 

This homeowner found a leftover party disaster. Some unwelcome furry friends hiding in the attic decided they would make themselves right at home. This mess was found leaving the homeowners unhappy with the result. SERVPRO was able to come out to the property and clean the attic area. As you can tell you would never know they had animals in this space. Our crew made sure these customers had an attic that looked "Like it never even happened." Don't let furry unwanted friends leave a mess for you to clean up and call SERVPRO today, we are here to help!

Reach us at (217)355-0077 anytime day or night! SERVPRO of Champaign/Urbana is always here to help. 

Secondary Growth Remediation

A resident had a roof leak on their property causing water damage. The roof was fixed by an unknown company but moisture was still present in the home. Months passed and SERVPRO received a call about possible mold growth on the ceiling of one of the home's bedroom. Upon arrival, the growth was present and a crew was ready to remediate the mold. 

Call SERVPRO of Champaign/Urbana if yo experience secondary growth in your home or commercial property. You can reach us 24/7 in the office at (217)355-0077. Let SERVPRO make it "Like it never even happened."

Storm Damage - Sewage backup

After a flood storm hit the area SERVPRO was called for sewage back up problem. The Renter of the property reported they had a sewage backup in their cellar. SERVPRO was called to the scene to clean up the residual mess. One of our Crew Chiefs made it to the scene to begin the process. He scraped all the solids into a pile and then scooped them up and threw them away in the trash. After the solids were eliminated from the cellar, the Crew Chief began pressure washing the floors and walls. Before leaving the property he left 12 fans and 1 dehumidifier on site to allow the area to dry. SERVPRO was able to clean, dry, and leave the cellar "Like it never even happened."

Call SERVPRO of Champaign/Urbana today for all your emergency service needs. We are always here to help, 24/7 reach us at the office at (217)355-0077.

Storm Damage - Flooded Basement

Summer storms bring high winds, heavy rain, and even tornadoes. This particular home has a partially furnished basement that took in a lot of water. The paneled walls and carpet were removed by our production crew, along with any contents that were not able to be salvaged. Any unsalvageable we had disposed of in a dumpster at our warehouse. The structure is now able to be dried out to the proper degree, in order for construction to restore the walls and flooring "Like it never even happened."   

Call our office anytime day or night for all your emergency restoration needs at (217)355-0077.

Before and After Photos

Content Cleaning - Lego Table

SERVPRO of Champaign/Urbana not only cleans and restores the residential properties and commercial properties building structure, but we also clean the contents affected by the disaster that occurred. After any Fire or Water loses, contents of your house or commercial business can be damaged or dirty. SERVPRO will take those belongings and restore them at our warehouse facility. 

SERVPRO production technicians took their time and cleaned this table, and now it looks new after a Fire loss at the resident’s home. Call us anytime day or night; we are always here to help.

Check out the Before and After Photos of the Lego Cleaning. 

Brick Wall Soot Restoration/Cleanup

A recent church fire caused this wall to be covered in Soot. After using a dry sponge to remove the soot, a fire clean solution along with industrial cleaner on rags and a scrub brush, this wall is back to original condition. SERVPRO of Champaign/Urbana can make any disaster “Like it never even happened.” Check out our before and after photos of the brick wall, to show you the difference and what we can do for you.

Call us anytime day or night at (217)355-0077, and we will come to you and help to restore your life to normal.

24-Hour Emergency Services

Fire & Water – Cleanup & Restoration

Independently Owned and Operated

Soot Cleanup - Apartment Bathtub

After a microwave fire in a dorm/apartment building on the University of Illinois' campus, soot was left through the building and bed/bathrooms. SERVPRO of Champaign/Urbana was called to the building to clean and remove all signs of the fire and water damage from the sprinklers. This picture is the result of the soot effect of the fire. This bathroom was in the unit where the fire started. After cleaning this tub, it was left "Like it never even happened." 

Call SERVPRO of Champaign/Urbana today for all your Fire and Water cleanup and restoration needs. Reach us at (217)355-0077, we are always here to help. 

24-Hour Emergency Services

Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Independently Owned and Operated

Hotel Mattress Stain Removal

When you think of a commercial business being cleaned you probably think of a warehouse, a restaurant, or department store, but what about a hotel? Not only do we offer a cleaning service to hotels for their carpets, bathrooms, and floors, but also their mattresses. This mattress was cleaned and the stain was removed by your friends at SERVPRO of Champaign/Urbana. Next visitor in this great hotel will sleep well knowing SERVPRO provided them with a clean mattress. 

Give us a call for any commercial and residential cleaning services and We here at SERVPRO can make it "Like it never even happened." Reach us 24/7 at (217)355-0077, we are always here to help. 

Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Independently Owned and Operated

24-Hour Emergency Service 

Walgreen's Bio-hazardous Cleanup

SERVPRO of Champaign/Urbana does more than Water and Fire Cleanup, we also handle biohazardous materials. Many times a commercial business may experience some mishaps with customers. Not with stealing and destruction, but sick and /or hurt individuals.

SERVPRO was called to the scene at a Walgreens concerning some blood stains and drops in the bathroom. The team on the job was able to dispose of any hazardous waste as well as clean and disinfect the bathroom. 

SERVPRO is called to these jobs to not only help out the commercial business with the cleanup but to also make sure no one is exposed to hazardous fluids. Our trained staff can ensure that this is the safest and most reliable cleaning solution. 

Call SERVPRO of Champaign/Urbana for any cleaning and biohazardous emergencies you may have, reach us at (217)355-0077. Anytime day or night, We are here to help make it "Like it never even happened."

9 inches Basement Flood

Have you ever wondered what 9 inches of Water in a basement looks like? Well, this pic shows you just that. 

After a large storm in the area, this residential property took in a lot of water. 9 inches in this basement was this homeowners result. SERVPRO was able to remove the water and help this family through this stressful time. 

Not every storm is the same and not every home experiences the same amount of water damage but every home can count on SERVPRO to restore it back to its original condition.

Call SERVPRO of Champaign/Urbana today at (217)355-0077 and we can make it "Like it never even happened." 

Supply Line Breakage

SERVPRO was called to the scene of a residential property with water damage. This residential property had a toilet supply line break. SERVPRO was able to access the water damage, and determine what needed to be done. Everything was dried out and Dehumidifiers set to remove any excess water in the air, carpet, and walls.

Contact SERVPRO of Champaign/Urbana anytime, day or night for all your emergency service needs. You can reach us at (217) 355-0077, We are here to help make it "Like it never even happened."

Resident's crawlspace flooding

A resident called into SERVPRO concerning water damage. The water line between the house and the city hook up broke during the night causing flooding in the resident's crawlspace. Once the water was shut off, 2 inches of water was left standing at the base of the crawl space. One of our crews came out to extract the water immediately to avoid any other complications. 

Call SERVPRO of Champaign/Urbana for any of your emergency service needs, reach us at (217)355-0077.

Bagel Shop Glass Disaster

The Property Manager of this commercial property contacted us after a car drove through the buildings front window scattering glass everywhere. SERVPRO was contacted to come to clean up all the glass and debris from the car collision. Table and Chairs were removed from the area and cleaned. Once the area was cleared of chairs, table and large pieces of debris, the rest was swept up with brooms and dustpans, moved to supplied dumpsters and vacuumed leaving no glass and debris behind. After 90 minutes the designated area was clear of all glass and debris and SERVPRO finished the job.

Call SERVPRO of Champaign/Urbana for any of your commercial cleaning needs, reach us at (217)355-0077.

Tar Footprint Carpet Stain

A customer walking into a carpeted Community Building with tar and road asphalt on their boots caused heavy soiled footprints in the front office. After a production tech scrubbed the spots with a solution they began to lighten but the footprints were still present. The crew lead then tried our product "Miracle Worker", after letting it set on the prints for a few minutes he then used hot steam to lift the stain. The spots were no longer on the carpet. The Office Manager of the Community Building was very pleased, and in disbelief that SERVPRO could remove the footprint stains. 

Storage Facility Fire

SERVPRO was called to the scene of a fire for cleanup. A facility experienced a piece of equipment catch fire resulting in part of the building being damage and lots of soot throughout the premises. This facility is the storage source for two businesses in the area. SERVPRO was the right choice to make, we are able to restore not only the building but most of the contents being stored. Being able to help people and businesses in need is our specialty, call SERVPRO of Champaign/Urbana any time day or night for your emergency service needs at (217) 355-0077. 

Celebrating one of our own

Congratulations to our very own Tavell Davidson and her family on their new home sponsored by Habitat for Humanity of Champaign County! Tavell is part of our Production team here at SERVPRO of Champaign/Urbana. She volunteers for Habitat for Humanity, which got her interested in applying to receive her very own home. She worked each day for us and then to the work site for her house directly after. We enjoyed sharing our love and showing support at the Ribbon Cutting. We all love you Tavell, and wish you and your girls all the best in your beautiful new home!

Did you know that we here at SERVPRO of Champaign/Urbana volunteer our services to the Habitat for Humanity in Champaign County? We love to give back to our community, so what better way than to clean each home before move in to be sure they are walking into spotless home. 

Advance Service Inc. Ribbon Cutting

Another Successful Ribbon Cutting! Congratulations to Advance Service Inc. on the opening of their new location in Illinois. They offer staffing services and jobs for a wide range of positions and locations. They are happy to provide services in 43 states with over 50 branch offices to better serve their clients and employees. Advance Service is based out of Nebraska and this is the second location in Illinois. You can find them at 1903 N. Neil Street, Suite F in Champaign.

We loved being a part of this special evening. Getting involved in the community and helping get the word out about fellow businesses is a big part of what we do here.

SERVPRO of Champaign/Urbana wishes them all the best in their future!

Let's Get Cooking!

SERVPRO of Champaign/Urbana attended the Urbana Business Association event in February 2019 that involved a cooking competition.  The sponsors of the night were Connections over Cocktails and Dish Passionate Cuisine. Businesses could enter into the competition with teams of five to learn a Dish Passionate Cuisine recipe and compete to see who can make it taste the most similar to the original.The team with the most comparable and the greatest quality taste won.

SERVPRO of Champaign/Urbana WINS!!!!

The UBA held a fun, tasty night that we will remember for years to come. We got pretty competitive but when all was said and done we all enjoyed each other's dishes. SERVPRO is looking forward to the next cooking event. 

Want to learn about SERVPRO and how we get involved in events around the community contact at (217)355-0077, we would love to share our info with you if you're interested. 

Mold Keeping You from Showing Your Apartment?

Mold can be very unsightly and discouraging to your future tenant. It can also come with a lot of potential health risks keeping you from leasing that pesky apartment. SERVPRO has licensed IICRC staff members certified in mold remediation so you can always trust us to take care of your secondary growth issues.

Winter Storms Bring Frozen Pipes

The winter of 2018 was one to remember. Many thought it might never end! With certain areas of Central Illinois reaching lows of -15, old man winter let us have it. Extended periods of sub zero temperatures bring on the dreaded frozen pipes. We have learned to adapt to the cold weather temperatures in most cases. Unfortunately for this assisted living facility, the main water line for the sprinkler system, located on an exterior wall froze and broke. Within a matter of 48 hours, SERVPRO was able to have the residents back into their respective rooms.

Let SERVPRO Handle Your Loss from A-Z

SERVPRO is capable of putting your life back together after a tragic event. We handle the process from beginning to end. Our water mitigation and fire restoration services are a staple of our company. The construction team then works to get the house back to pre disaster condition. When you don't know where to turn. Call SERVPRO for all of your water, fire, mold, storm and construction needs.

Goodwill Water Loss

Let's face it, nobody likes shopping ankle deep in water. For commercial businesses, SERVPRO's number one priority is to get your business back to functioning the way it did before your loss. No matter how big or small of a water damage, count on SERVPRO to keep you in business as steadily as possible.

Congratulations Profile by Sanford!

A great edition to North Champaign opened up this week, Profile by Sanford! They have a great business model that involves weight loss programs based on YOUR personal DNA! With Profile and Core Life opening up very close to each other, both focused on a healthier lifestyle, lots of opportunities have came to fruition for the both of them. Ron, the franchise owner, is grateful to be able to open this location in Champaign. He is expecting great results. A huge SERVPRO Congratulations to Profile by Sanford!

La-Z-Boy Ribbon Cutting

No better way to start the week off than to congratulate La-Z-Boy on their new location on Town Center Blvd. in Champaign! Haley and her staff have been working tirelessly to prepare the new location's layout for today's event. This was a great opportunity to celebrate with the La-Z-Boy team on their exciting new path and SERVPRO wishes them the best of luck in the upcoming years.

Emmanuel Episcopal Church Attic Fire

There's never a convenient time for anyone to have a fire, especially with events planned 72 hours after the blaze started. Emmanuel Episcopal Church trusted us in cleaning and deodorizing the main portion of the church after the rectory was scorched, and then doused with the proper amount of water to extinguish the roaring fire. In record time, SERVPRO was able to finish what we needed to do and the Church was able to have their service later that week.

CIB Cover Story

We are beyond thankful for the opportunity to be the Cover Story on the most recent Central Illinois Business magazine for April/May. With a community-based mindset, SERVPRO takes pride in helping out our surrounding counties when they need us the most. 

Click here to see full article.

Microwave Fire in Mahomet

This is the aftermath of a fire that could have engulfed the whole house if it wasn't for our brave men and women working at the Cornbelt Fire Protection District in Mahomet. 


This isn't your typical Halloween decoration. In fact, these are not made from cobwebs at all. Smoke webs occur when the ionization process of burning synthetic materials (rubber, plastics etc.) create charged particles that tend to cling to certain surfaces. These charged particles will attract to themselves repeatedly and form "chains" of soot. Smoke webs are especially common in low heat or smoldering fires which produce "wet smoke." The webs are common in stagnant air spaces such as the corners and edges of ceilings or cabinets.  Soot from synthetic materials is tacky, pungent, and smears very easily with conventional cleaning products. Our Production Staff uses professional grade chemicals specifically designed for smoke and soot produced by any material. No matter how big of a fire damage, you should always contact your local SERVPRO. We'll make it "Like it never even happened."

Water Damage in Champaign (After Tear Out)

The water damage on this house was extensive. Unfortunately the homeowners do not know how long the water had been running, as they have not been on the property in a while. Due to the saturation levels of most of the walls, they had to be torn out instead of dried. The structural integrity and the chance of secondary growth posed too big of a threat within the time period we had to work with to get the walls dried. Our knowledgeable crew, experienced Crew Leads, and IICRC certified Production Managers are always prepared to handle any disaster. When water strikes, so do we. That's why you should always call SERVPRO in the event of any loss.

Gifford Tornado Aftermath

This is the devastation after the Gifford tornado which struck in November 2013. Within the days to follow, SERVPRO crews packed up, stored and cleaned contents from 10 different households. The owner of this house said over and over, "I couldn't have gotten through this without SERVPRO by my side."

A Perfect Combination - Experience and Equipment!

The goal of the air scrubbers is to clean or “scrub” and re-circulate the air. This allows us to remove the airborne contaminants that are found within the work area. In combination with the carpet drying fans that function as an accelerated way to dry almost any surface, this is a perfect recipe for water mitigation!

Fire Damage Restoration With Soda Blasting

Soda blasting is the use of bicarbonate of soda, also known as baking soda, in conjunction with compressed air for the removal of fire damage, smoke damage, mold damage caused by water damage, or any other coating. The process is abrasive, but relatively gentle, and can be used on virtually any surface. As well as being surface friendly, soda blasting is environmentally friendly, it is an eco-friendly, nontoxic and nonhazardous alternative to other cleaning and stripping methods.

Additionally, soda blasting leaves a thin film of white powder dust on the surface being cleaned that helps to inhibit the formation of rust on metal for several months after treatment.

Water Damage in Urbana, IL

SERVPRO's High Pressure Drying Systems are specifically developed to target high risk areas of hidden moisture in walls and ceilings, even those coated with watertight finishes like PVA paint and vinyl wallpaper coverings.

SERVPRO of Champaign/Urbana responds to water damages

Our crews are loading up equipment for another day of helping customers dry out from the recent downpours. Placed strategically, these fans help get the water out of structures and contents and into the dehumidifiers, restoring the area to a suitable moisture level.

Water Damage in Champaign, IL

This dehumidifier that our SERVPRO teams use is an effective and versatile piece of drying equipment. It can speed up the drying process and is a particular advantage where deep drying is required, as is pictured here within the wall cavity.